What a time to be alive.

I don’t know about you lot, but I’m on top of the world at the moment.

Loving life, living well and making the most of every moment. 

A smashing example of this: tonight, upon pulling my fucking delicious dinner – some kind of chicken/pastry/cheese thing worth $8.00 (a luxury!) – out of the oven, I slid it off the tray, and straight into the bin (onto clean paper and a plastic bag). Brilliant, right? Thank you, world.  Continue reading What a time to be alive.

How do you end something that never even started?

How, how, HOW?!!! 

How do you put an end to it? How do you decide that it needs to be ended?

And most importantly, how do you get over it once you’ve made that call, pulling the plug on what was more likely than not a suicide mission from the moment you drunkenly exchanged Snapchat names in line at 7/11? 

It’s the existential crisis of modern dating. The (bastard) term and condition that you sign your life – read: joy, self-respect, sanity – over to when you get feelings for someone.  Continue reading How do you end something that never even started?