Eat, Pray, Blog

There used to be a time at the dinner table when a family could not proceed to eat until grace was said. Now, posting pictures to Instagram has become the standard pre-meal ritual. Rather than choosing between different prayers, we choose between different filters, making Lo-Fi, Sierra and Valencia, amongst others, our generation’s holy words. Continue reading Eat, Pray, Blog

Things Best Said

Only an especially cool boy can get away with fingernails painted aqua blue. Jordan Wearn is such a boy. The self-taught musician, barista and self-confessed “collector of people” is scruffily stylish in a camel knitted turtleneck no doubt scoured from a vintage store, and carries a weaselly moustache in a way that only a beautiful 23-year-old man-boy can. He smokes a lot, laughs even more and describes his sound as “darn straight-out depressing.” Continue reading Things Best Said