Playing it cool.

A brief and incomplete list of people who are (in my humble opinion) crazy: anyone who enjoys mashed potato, anyone who keeps their chocolate at room temperature and their tomato sauce in the cupboard, anyone who thinks I’m not getting dessert. 

An even briefer list of people who are not crazy: you.  Continue reading Playing it cool.

Hello, yes, I am a spontaneous adventurer, very pleased to meet you.

What I’m about to write makes me feel a bit sick in my mouth, so I apologise in advance, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to write it anyway:

I spent the first five weeks of this year enthralled* (*by this I mean: rolling around with my stomach full of gelati and carbohydrates, taking photos of buildings and carousels and allowing the detail that I was in fact there to study escape my mind on a regular basis) in a short-term exchange program in Florence, followed by a very brief, but nevertheless spectacular, stay in Paris and London.  Continue reading Hello, yes, I am a spontaneous adventurer, very pleased to meet you.

Eat, Pray, Blog

There used to be a time at the dinner table when a family could not proceed to eat until grace was said. Now, posting pictures to Instagram has become the standard pre-meal ritual. Rather than choosing between different prayers, we choose between different filters, making Lo-Fi, Sierra and Valencia, amongst others, our generation’s holy words. Continue reading Eat, Pray, Blog